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Disclaimer: our experience through this process has been different on each of the five computers we have attempted this on. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard. It is always different. The system drivers hardware seem to have a mind of their own so persistence and retrying tasks which fail repeatedly is unfortunately the best way to get through this process. Note: if using external bluetooth dongle such as a dlink dbt-120 be sure and have manufacturers drivers installed and preferably tested with another bluetooth device such as a mouse or phone.

Windows users

Step 1. Open Control Panel.

Step 2. Open "Bluetooth Devices".

Step 3. Click "Add".

Step 4. Make sure controller is powered. If it is running software which will print output to the Bluetooth comm port, this will allow us to verify functionality more easily. See daughterboard bluetooth tests for more info.

Step 5. Click checkbox and "Next" to search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

The device shown in this image would be identified as "Firefly-001D"

Step 6. Firefly-#### should appear, where #### are the last four characters in the MAC address printed on the radio itself (see example in the image). In "Add Bluetooth Device" wizard, these four hex characters uniquely identify each radio made by Roving Networks. More documentation is available here.

Step 7. Windows should indicate that two COM ports have been created. The exact numbering of these ports varies by computer. Note the COM port names.

Step 8. Connect to the incoming port (typically, the lower numbered port) with a terminal program, such as RealTerm. After a second or two, the terminal is now successfully connected.

Step 9. Because this device is now configured on your machine, it is not necessary to repeat this process when this specific controller is power cycled. Windows should handle reconnecting automatically. It should be possible to simply reconnect to the same COM port and windows will handle the rest.