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This page is a wiki representation of the primary document found in this document on GitHub.

Device Class Specification
Class Master Description
0xFF N/A AX-12 Servomotor class
0xFE N/A broadcasting class - for initial module identification and address assignment
0xFD N/A ARMClass - for future extensions
0xFC Yes Controller AVR shell - with both side panel (triplet)
0xFB No Controller AVR shell - with only one left side panel (duet)
0xFA Yes Actuator South Class - connected to the motor and Hall sensor
0xF9 No Actuator North Class - connected to the motor and main potentiometer
0xF8 Yes Gripper class
0xF7 Yes Battery Triplet Class (Master, South)
0xF6 No Battery Duet Class (Slave, North)

Note: Master Classes can be commanded over the external bus. Non-Master (slave) classes can only be commanded over the individual module's internal bus.

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