Side and Orientation Specification

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This page is a wiki representation of the primary document found in this document on GitHub.

Side Specification

Orientation pins.png
Face IDActuatorGripperControllerBattery
0South MainMainTriplet MainTriplet MainMasters
1South RightRightTriplet RightTriplet Right
2South LeftLeftTriplet LeftTriplet Left
3North MainDuet MainDuet MainSlaves
4North RightDuet Right
5North LeftDuet Left

Orientation Specification

Orientation 0Orientation 1Orientation 2Orientation 3
Face AFace BFace AFace BFace AFace BFace AFace B
Pin 0Pin 3Pin 0Pin 2Pin 0Pin 1Pin 0Pin 0
Pin 1Pin 2Pin 1Pin 1Pin 1Pin 0Pin 1Pin 3
Pin 2Pin 1Pin 2Pin 0Pin 2Pin 3Pin 2Pin 2
Pin 3Pin 0Pin 3Pin 3Pin 3Pin 2Pin 3Pin 1



This shows an engineering mockup of a cube with sides and orientation pins labeled. Viewed from the top.


Main side on Actuator Cube


Left side on Actuator Cube


Right side on Actuator Cube


Difference between North and South Halves on Actuator Cube

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